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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Compiling, testing, and running ABL programs : Finding references to ABL constructs
Finding references to ABL constructs
To find references to the ABL constructs, right-click the ABL source (.p, .i, .w, or .cls file) node from the Project Explorer view, select References, and Workspace or Project depending on where you want to search for the references.
Note: You can also select References by right-clicking the ABL element in ABL source file in the ABL source editor or right-clicking the ABL source (or the context menu actions) in the Outline view. You can also select the code in the editor and press the Ctrl+Shift+G key sequence to search references in the workspace.
The result appears in the Eclipse Search view.
If you select an invalid ABL element for example USING statements as in the example below, no result is displayed:
USING Batching.someform.
* Using the Search view