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Running and debugging ABL programs : Tasks : Using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : Monitoring program execution : Using the Dynamic Objects view
Using the Dynamic Objects view
The Dynamic Objects view lets you monitor the creation and destruction of dynamic object instances in an ABL application. Use this dialog box to locate dynamic object instances the application has created, no longer needs, and has not yet destroyed. These undeleted object instances might indicate a memory leak.
You must explicitly start dynamic object monitoring if you want to use this view. You can stop and restart monitoring during a debugging session, but each new session begins with monitoring turned off. If you have multiple active debugging sessions, you turn monitoring on or off for each session independently. When you start monitoring, you choose the specific object types to monitor.
When monitoring is turned on, you can filter the Dynamic Objects view display to show a subset of the object types that are being monitored. The display includes objects of a given type only if you both enable monitoring of that type and include the type in your filter setting.
* Starting and stopping dynamic object monitoring
* Filtering the Dynamic Object view display