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Running and debugging ABL programs : Tasks : Using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Debugger : Monitoring program execution : Using the Dynamic Objects view : Starting and stopping dynamic object monitoring
Starting and stopping dynamic object monitoring
Each new Debugger session that you launch begins with dynamic object monitoring turned off.
To start dynamic object monitoring:
1. Start the Debugger session and make sure the OpenEdge Runtime node, or one of its stack entries, is selected in the Debug view.
2. Select OpenEdge > Dynamic Object Monitoring on the menu bar to display the Dynamic Object Monitoring dialog.
The tree view groups object types in four categories: Dynamic Objects, User Interface Widgets, XML Objects, and Other Objects.
3. Expand any of these nodes to see the individual object types in the category. Object types that are selected for monitoring are checked.
4. Click the check boxes to toggle the selections on or off. You can select individual object types, or you can operate on a whole category by clicking the check box for its top-level node.
5. Click Start Monitoring and then Close.
To change settings during the session, open the Dynamic Object Monitoring dialog again. You can modify the selection of object types to be monitored and use the Stop Monitoring and Restart Monitoring commands.
You can also use Restart Monitoring to clear the display in the Dynamic Objects view and continue monitoring.