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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Writing ABL code : Working with databases : Using the DB Structure view
Using the DB Structure view
The DB Structure view, included in the default OpenEdge Editor perspective, shows a tree-view outline of the schema of each database connected via a SQL connection profile to the current project. The view includes a separate tab for each database. The nodes are expandable and collapsible.
To enter a schema reference in a source file, select a table or column in the tree view and drag it to the ABL Editor buffer containing the file.
Note: To show the database schema in the DB Structure view, you must use a SQL connection. ABL database connections do not provide this functionality. You can define both an ABL connection and a SQL connection in the connection profile for the database.
If the DB Structure view is not visible in your current perspective, open it by selecting Window > Show View > Other > Progress OpenEdge Editor > DB Structure.