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Introducing OpenEdge Business Rules : Tasks : Using Business Rules API to invoke Decision Services

Using Business Rules API to invoke Decision Services

OpenEdge allows you to use Business Rules API to call the Decision Service that is deployed onto the Corticon Server. A SOAP message is sent to the Corticon Server and Corticon updates the values of the entity and returns them to OpenEdge. The returned Vocabulary model structure is the same as the one passed.
Note: To invoke a Decision service from ABL business logic, you must add the required procedure library and include files to the project's PROPATH. See Adding Business Rules libraries to PROPATH for more information.
To invoke a Decision Service, use the following API classes:
Creates a Decision Service instance.
Returns parameters for connecting to a Business Rules server. Initially, access to Decision Service and Admin Service are through separate connections (although they can be specified by one parameter).
Describes the server connection for an OpenEdge Rules Server. This is a specialized class whose main purpose is to provide an abstraction from the fact that the connection to the Rules server is a Web Services connection.
Denotes a dynamic number of properties, each addressable by a Unicode string called a name.
Is the ultimate super class of all application errors. An application error is simply any collection of data you need to provide meaningful information about a condition. Representing a user-defined error as an error object allows your application to throw and catch or return the error in the ABL structured error handling model.