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Introducing OpenEdge Business Rules : Reference : OpenEdge Business Rules API reference : Class and Interface reference : OpenEdge.BusinessRules.RulesServerConnectionParameters class
OpenEdge.BusinessRules.RulesServerConnectionParameters class
The OpenEdge.BusinessRules.RulesServerConnectionParameters class returns parameters for connecting to a Business Rules server. Although the Decision Service and Administration Service can be specified by one parameter, access to them is through separate connections. The initial implementation uses WebServices but the OpenEdge.BusinessRules.DecisionService class abstracts that from a caller. The implementation affects the parameters values passed in.
The following constructor creates a JSON object containing valid connection parameters:
PUBLIC (INPUT poOptions AS JsonObject)
The following constructorcreates a character representation of a JSON object containing valid connection parameters:
OpenEdge.Core.ServerConnection.IConnectionParameters interface
Public Properties
Public Method