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Introducing OpenEdge Business Rules : Reference : OpenEdge Business Rules API reference : Class and Interface reference
Class and Interface reference
This section contains reference entries that describe the built-in classes and interfaces supported for OpenEdge Business Rules. These classes and interfaces contain types and other artifacts directly pertaining to OpenEdge and Corticon integration. They also contain types and other artifacts for generic handling of server connections and their parameters.
* OpenEdge.BusinessRules.DecisionService class
* OpenEdge.BusinessRules.RulesServerConnection class
* OpenEdge.BusinessRules.RulesServerConnectionParameters class
* OpenEdge.Core.ServerConnection.FormatMaskEnum class
* OpenEdge.Core.ServerConnection.IconnectionParameters interface
* OpenEdge.Core.ServerConnection.IServerConnection interface
* OpenEdge.Core.ServerConnection.WebServiceServerConnection class
* OpenEdge.Lang.EnumMember class
* OpenEdge.Lang.WidgetHandle class