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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Concepts : UI controls

UI controls

All Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge users have access to a standard set of Microsoft .NET controls. These standard controls are included with the Microsoft .NET Framework, which the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge installation program installs on the host machine if it is not already present.
A separately licensed option allows the use and redistribution of OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET, developed by Infragistics, which offer enhanced functionality and ease of use. The set of Progress-supported controls available on your system depends on whether the OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET option is installed.
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge also installs a trial version of Telerik UI for WinForms by default. It includes controls that you can use to build your business applications. If you need a different version of Telerik, you can download it from the Telerik web site.
Note: If you need help on Microsoft, Telerik, or Infragistics controls, press F1. The Microsoft web site, Telerik web site or Infragistics web site page opens.
In addition, there may be other third-party controls installed in the development environment. Progress warrants that all .NET-compliant controls can be loaded in the Visual Designer and implemented on OpenEdge GUI for .NET forms. However, with respect to design and function, Progress supports only the set of controls that is enabled by default in the Visual Designer.
* Visual and non-visual controls
* Container controls
* Data-bound controls
* Custom user-defined controls
* Control properties
* Event behavior
* Access to controls