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Introducing the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer : Concepts : UI controls : Custom user-defined controls
Custom user-defined controls
You can define two types of custom controls:
*User control - A collection of individual controls in a container. For example, you might create a user control called "Address" that includes text box controls for user entry of name, street address, and city; a combo box control that allows the user to select the state; and accompanying label controls that identify these fields.
*Inherited control - A control derived from another control. You can set properties and events as appropriate for your purposes. For example, you might created an inherited control called ContactButton (derived from a standard button control) for which you specify the size and color, the text "Contact," and event logic that responds to a button click by launching a pre-addressed e-mail message.
After you create a custom control, you can add it to your Visual Designer Toolbox to make it available for use on any forms you design.
Note: If any of your projects use the global Toolbox, be sure that each such project has all of the other projects on its PROPATH so that custom controls that you add to the Toolbox are available in all projects.