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AppServer support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Working with AppServer connections and agents : Trimming AppServer agents
Trimming AppServer agents
When there is a reduction in the number of agent requests by AppServer clients, you can trim the number of agents running and available to service those requests.
Likewise, if the number of agent requests increases, you can add AppServer agents to the process pool.
To trim one or more running AppServer agents:
1. From the Servers view, select an AppServer and right-click. The Context menu appears.
2. Choose one:
*To trim all AppServer agents, select Trim all Agents.
*To specify the number of agents you want trimmed, select Trim Agents. Type the number of agents you want to trim in the Count field, and then click OK.
Note: If an agent is busy, the trim request might fail for that particular agent.