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Introducing the ABL Editor : Concepts : ABL Editor Features : Support for structured error handling
Support for structured error handling
Many Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge file-creation and code-generation tools provide options to include ABL code for structured error-handling features. These options, available in the appropriate wizards and menus, are:
*Include the routine-level error-handling statement ROUTINE-LEVEL ON ERROR UNDO, THROW when creating new classes and procedures. This option is selectable in the file-creation wizard.
*Include a CATCH block and/or a FINALLY block when adding a new function, internal procedure, or method. These options are selectable in the code-generation wizard.
*Add a CATCH block and/or a FINALLY block surrounding selected code in an existing ABL source file. These commands are available on theSource > Surround With. The blocks are also included in code-assistance completion proposals where applicable.
Note: For detailed information on these ABL features, refer to OpenEdge Development: Error Handling and OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference available in the Product Documentation category on PSDN.