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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Writing ABL code : Creating ABL source files
Creating ABL source files
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge provides wizards for creating commonly used ABL file types:
*Include file
*Structured include file (contains AppBuilder markup)
*Structured procedure (contains AppBuilder markup)
*ABL Form (Windows only)
*ABL Dialog (Windows only)
*ABL MDI Form(Windows only)
These wizards create files with placeholders and default values and comments for commonly used code sections, simplifying the process of setting up a variety of source files. If you prefer, you can create a new blank file and enter all of the content yourself. As long as you use a file extension that is associated with the ABL Editor, you can use the ABL Editor functions when working with it.
To create a new source file:
1. Open the OpenEdge project in which you plan to use the file.
2. Choose File > New. If the desired file type does not appear in the menu, choose Other > Progress OpenEdge > Editor.
3. Select the desired file type and click Next to launch the corresponding wizard.
4. Fill in the appropriate information for your new file.
5. Click Finish. The file opens in an ABL Editor window.