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Introducing the ABL Editor : Reference : ABL Editor menus : Source menu
Source menu
The Source menu contains options specific to the ABL Editor. The Source menu is available from the Source main menu and from the editor's context (right-click) menu.
Check Syntax
Checks the ABL syntax of the current file. This option does not save an r-code version of the file.
Builds the current file and saves the r-code.
Toggle Comment
Comments or uncomments the selected lines of code.
Correct Case
Applies the user preference for keyword casing for keywords in the current file.
Expand Keywords
Replaces abbreviated keywords in the current file with their fully spelled equivalents.
Correct Indentation
Indents lines in the current file to improve readability.
Organize USING Statements
Organizes USING statements in ABL sources that are currently open or selected. It removes duplicate and unused USING statements and sorts the required ones in alphabetical order. It expands.* to a fully qualified package type. It also prompts you if a referenced type name cannot be mapped uniquely to a type in the current project.
Update Function Prototypes
Modifies the signatures of function prototypes in the current file to match the signatures of the corresponding function declarations, as necessary.
Strip AppBuilder markup
Removes the AppBuilder markup code from a file originally created in AppBuilder or by means of the New ABL Structured Include or the New ABL Structured Procedure wizard.
Caution: If this code is removed, the file cannot be opened in AppBuilder again.
Add Constructor
Opens the Add Constructor wizard to add a constructor to the current class.
Add Static Constructor
Adds a static constructor to the current class.
Add Constructors from Super Class
Opens the Add Constructors from Super Class wizard to select any constructors with arguments from the immediate super class to override in the current class.
Add Destructor
Adds a destructor to the current class.
Add Method
Opens the Add Method wizard to add a method to the current class.
Add Event
Opens the Add Event wizard to add an event to the current class.
Add Property
Opens the Add Property wizard to add a property to the current class.
Override/Implement Members
Opens the Override/Implement Members wizard to select members from the class hierarchy to override or implement in the current class.
Surround With
Shows a submenu that lets you surround the selected code segment with a CATCH block or a FINALLY block for structured error handling.
Add Procedure
Opens the Add Procedure wizard to add an internal procedure to the current procedure.
Add Function
Opens the Add Function wizard to add a function to the current procedure.
Add Annotation
Opens the Add Annotation wizard to insert ABL annotations in one or more files.
Define Service Interface
Opens the Define Service Interface wizard that allows you to publish the selected procedures and functions as a service interface.
Note: This option is available only in the view source mode.