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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : SmartObject dialogs : SmartProducer Instance Properties dialog
SmartProducer Instance Properties dialog
The SmartProducer Instance Properties dialog allows you to configure the behavior of your SmartProducer instances.
Access this dialog by choosing Instance Properties on the SmartProducer instance right-click context menu.
The instance properties dialog includes the following options:
JMS Session section
Defaults to Publish-and_Subscribe. Choosing Point-to-Point causes the message to be deleted from the queue by the first entity reading it. In contrast, every subscriber can read every message under the Publish-and-Subscribe system.
JMS Partition
Select a a partition from the list. If there are none defined, create at least one using the Service Parameters Maintenance PRO*Tool.
Ping Interval
Defaults to 0 (no pinging). You can enter an integer value representing seconds here. If the value is non-zero, the SmartProducer will ping the SonicMQ Broker at that interval throughout the session.
JMS User
Type the user identifier to be used at login. This is a mandatory field if security is on.
JMS Password
Type the password of the JMS user. This is a mandatory field if security is on.
JMS Client
Type identifier unique to this client. This is a mandatory field if security is on, and the User and Password values are not unique to this client.
Prompt for JMS Login
Select this check box to cause the human user to be prompted at startup. This is a mandatory field when security is on.
Message Delivery Defaults section
Defaults to 4. Read whenever a new message is sent. Set to some value in the range 0 (lowest) to 9 (highest). Modifiable under program control.
Time to Live
Defaults to 0 (no expiration). Set to some value in milliseconds (1000 milliseconds = 1 second). Determines how long a message can remain unread without being discarded as stale. Modifiable under program control.
Defaults to PERSISTENT (message stored in broker’s database). Other values supported are NON_PERSISTENT (message not stored), NON_PERSYSTENT_ASYNC, and UNKNOWN.
Message Type
Defaults to TextMessage. Other types supported are BytesMessage, HeaderMessage, XMLMessage (do not use with SmartB2Bobject), MapMessage, StreamMessage.