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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Inserting SmartObjects

Inserting SmartObjects

The Open SmartObject dialog allows you to select SmartObject master to use to create a SmartObject instance to insert on the design window.
To build a SmartObject, using the Open SmartObject dialog, create a SmartObject instance, insert the SmartObject instance into a SmartContainer, and link the SmartObject to other SmartObjects, as needed.
To create SmartDataBrowsers, SmartDataObjects, and SmartDataViewers:
1. From the File menu, select New > Other.
The New wizard appears.
2. From the list, select ABL UI Design as the file type in the Progress OpenEdgeAppBuilder node and click Next.
The New ABL UI Design wizard appears.
3. From the Object Type list, select the object you want to create.
4. Click Finish and follow the wizard.
The selected Smart object is created and opens with the design window.