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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : SmartObject dialogs : Open SmartObject dialog
Open SmartObject dialog
The Open SmartObject dialog allows you to select a SmartObject master to use to create and insert a SmartObject instance on the design canvas.
Access the Open SmartObject dialog by selecting a SmartObject from the SmartObjects section in the Palette.
This dialog includes the following options:
Master File
Select a master file from a selection list or enter a name of the SmartObject master file you want to use to create a SmartObject instance.
Enable you to view the selected SmartObject master in the Preview SmartObject dialog box, where the GUI Designer runs the SmartObject.
Display a list of SmartObject master files.
Open the browse files dialog that allows you to search and select a SmartObject master file in other directories.
Select to create a new SmartObject master of the type selected.
File Filter
Display the file filter used to display the filenames shown in the Master File field. You can select another file filter by highlighting one from the drop-down list.
Display the pathname containing the SmartObject master files. You can select another directory by highlighting one from the drop-down.