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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : SmartObject dialogs : SmartConsumer Instance Properties dialog
SmartConsumer Instance Properties dialog
The SmartConsumer Instance Properties dialog allows you to configure the behavior of SmartConsumer instances.
Access this dialog by choosing Instance Properties on the SmartConsumer instance right-click context menu.
The instance properties dialog includes the following options:
JMS Session section
Publish and Subscribe
Defaults to Publish-and_Subscribe. Choosing Point-to-Point causes the message to be deleted from the queue by the first entity reading it. In contrast, every subscriber can read every message under the Publish-and-Subscribe system.
JMS Partition
Select a a partition from the list. If there are none defined, create at least one using the Service Parameters Maintenance PRO*Tool.
Ping Interval
Defaults to 0 (no pinging). You can enter an integer value representing seconds here. If the value is non-zero, the SmartProducer will ping the SonicMQ Broker at that interval throughout the session.
Log File
Defaults to empty. Set this field to the pathname of the log file to be used in batch mode.
Defaults to empty. Set this field to the identifier of the Topic/Queue to be used for shutting down this object in batch mode.
JMS User
Type the user identifier to be used at login. This is a mandatory field if security is on.
JMS Password
Type the password of the JMS user. This is a mandatory field if security is on.
JMS Client
Type identifier unique to this client. This is a mandatory field if security is on, and the User and Password values are not unique to this client.
Prompt for JMS Login
Select this check box to cause the human user to be prompted at startup. This is a mandatory field when security is on.
Destinations section
Destination (list)
Lists the destinations this object will monitor for traffic.
Destination (fill-in)
Set to the identifier of the Topic/Queue to be monitored.
Message Selector
Defaults to empty. Enter the boolean expression (for example: ‘priority < 5’) to be used when filtering incoming messages. Messages that fail the test will be discarded without notice.
Durable Subscription
Select this check box will cause the subscription to persist across sessions.
Subscription Name
Type in an identifier for this durable subscription.
Note: This is enabled only when the Durable Subscription check box is selected.
Unsubscribe on Close
Select this check box to cancel the subscription at the end of the session.