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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Reference : GUI Designer dialogs : SmartObject dialogs : SmartBusinessObject Instance Properties dialog
SmartBusinessObject Instance Properties dialog
The SmartBusinessObject Instance Properties dialog allows you to modify the attributes of a SmartBusinessObject instance.
Access this dialog by choosing Instance Properties on the SmartBusinessObject instance right-click context menu.
The instance properties dialog includes the following options:
Select the AppServer partition to be associated with this instance. If there are no partitions defined, use the Service Parameter Maintenance PRO*Tool to define one or more.
Cascade on Browse
By default, this check box is selected. Clearing this check box will cause navigation changes to propagate only until more than one record is returned in a dataset.
Place SDOs in order
You must arrange the list of SmartDataObjects to reflect the synchronization hierarchy. The synchronization hierarchy is defined by the direction and order of the DATA SmartLinks you use to connect the objects.
Use the Move Up/Down buttons to change the position of the current item. SmartDataObjects whose DATA links come from the same source are on the same level, and their order here is not significant.