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AppServer support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Setting Progress OpenEdge Server preferences

Setting Progress OpenEdge Server preferences

You can set several Progress OpenEdge Server preferences. Setting preferences allows you to establish certain aspects of AppServer project functionality.
To set the preferences:
1. Choose one:
*From the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge menu bar, select Window > Preferences. The Preferences page appears. Select Progress OpenEdge > Server.
*From the Progress OpenEdge Server Monitor view, click the drop-down menu option on the view toolbar and select Preferences.
2. Set each of the following preferences:
*WebSpeed Broker URL
*Trim agents on publish
*Remove deleted files and folders on publish
*Remove all files and folders when cleaning server publish directory
*Publish empty folders
*Run/Debug —Update properties from server before starting/launching
*Publish filters
*Server status refresh interval
*Enable Agent State tab
Note: You can alternatively click Restore Defaults to restore the preferences to their original settings.
3. You can also add or remove a filter as follows:
a. To add a filter, click Add. Type the filter name in the Filter field, and click Update. The new filter appears in the Publish filters list.
b. To remove a filter, select a filter and click Remove.
4. When you finish, click Apply.
5. Click OK.