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AppServer support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Reference : AppServer-related views, pages, and wizards : Server Editor
Server Editor
You use the Server Editor to view or modify the server properties that define the connection to OpenEdge Explorer and the broker.
From the Servers view in the OpenEdge Server perspective, you can access the Server Editor in either of the following ways:
*Double-click the server name.
*Select the server name, right-click, and select Open.
The Server Editor provides information in the following categories:
*General Information - Provides the host name and other common settings.
*Connection - Specifies the information for connection to OpenEdge Explorer.
*Publishing - Specifies when to publish.
*Timeouts - Specifies the time limit to complete server operations (Start and Stop).
*Publish Location - Specifies the server publish directory.

General Information

You can modify the following General Information properties in the Server Editor:
Server name
The name of the AppServer.
Host name
The name of the host machine.
Runtime Environment
The current runtime environment. You can click the drop-down list or the Runtime Environment link to change to a different OpenEdge AVM runtime or OpenEdge version.
You can also open and edit the launch configuration settings for the AppServer.


You can modify the following OpenEdge Explorer properties in the Server Editor:
OpenEdge Explorer connection
The name of an existing OpenEdge Explorer connection. To add a connection, click Configure.
To choose from a list of available brokers, click the dropdown arrow. To refresh the list, click Refresh.
Note: Remember that you cannot create a new AppServer broker in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge; to create a broker, use OpenEdge Explorer.


You can modify the publishing settings to choose one of the following options:
*Never publish automatically
*Automatically publish when resources change
*Automatically publish after a build event
You can also set the publishing interval in seconds.


You can specify the time limit (in seconds) for completing Start and Stop server operations.

Publish Location

You can set the following publish location options:
Specify the server publish directory
Choose to use the server working directory or set a custom publish directory. If you choose to set the custom directory, type its location in the Publish directory field.
Publish source code
Choose whether to publish source code; this option is selected by default.
Publish r-code
Choose whether to publish r-code; this option is selected by default.
Compile on publish
To compile code when you publish to a remote server, select this check box.
Note: You can select this option only if you do not select the Publish r-code option.
Compile options
Add any compile options, such as startup or other parameters. Specify each option with a space between its name and value, and also insert a space between each option.