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Data Object overview : Tasks : Deploying Data Object Services : Publishing Data Object Services
Publishing Data Object Services
You can publish a Data Object Service(s) using the Servers view in your OpenEdge Server perspective. To publish a Data Object Service, you must create a server instance, associate the Data Object Service with the defined server, and then publish the associated Data Object Service to the Apache Tomcat Java container shipped with Progress OpenEdge.
When you install Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, Apache Tomcat is installed and configured with Progress OpenEdge. Before you publish to the Apache Tomcat, you must start it. For more information, see Starting and stopping Apache Tomcat server.
Note: The Data Object Service are published as separate WAR files when you deploy them using the Publish option from the Servers view. If you want to deploy the Data Object Services as a single WAR file, you must export them as a .WAR file. For more information, see the Exporting a Data Object Web Application.
To publish a Data Object Service:
1. From the Servers view, select the relevant server instance of the Data Object Service that you want to publish.
2. Do one of the following:
*Select Publish on the server instance's context menu.
*Select a server instance, and then click the Publish to the server icon on the Servers view toolbar.
This publishes the selected Data Object Services to the Apache Tomcat Java container. For a published Data Object Service, a separate WAR file is generated and deployed to the Apache Tomcat Java container. For example, a Data Object Service published to the Apache Tomcat that is shipped with OpenEdge, a WAR file with the selected Data Object Service name is created in your OpenEdge installation directory, $DLC/servers/tomcat/pdsoe. A separate WAR file is created for each deployed Data Object Service.
You can view the server’s status in the Servers view beside the published Data Object Service’s node. For more information, see Status of OE Web Server and resources.
After deploying the Data Object Service, if you modify the artifacts of a project related to the deployed service, the status of the respective artifact’s module changes to Republish. You must republish the server manually if you have not set it to republish automatically so that the deployed service reflects the changes.