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Data Object overview : Concepts : Data Object application WAR file structure

Data Object application WAR file structure

The below table describes the directory structure of a Data Object Web application (WAR file):
The Data Object application (web application) root directory. This directory contains META-INF, static, WEB-INF, and index.html.
Contains only the MANIFEST.MF file.
Contains the static HTML pages, images (gif, jpeg), style sheets (css), and any other static files you want to locate on the Web server.
Also contains Data Service catalog (.json) file.
Note: The Data Service catalog .json file is copied from the WebContent node in your Data Object project directory.
Contains the configuration files for the Data Object application. This directory contains adapters, classes, lib, web.xml, appSecurity-xxxxxx.xml files, and mvc-dispatch-content.xml.
This HTML page is an OpenEdge supplied template welcome page.
Contains HTML files for use in logging into and out of Data Object application. The files login.html, logout.html, and loginfail.html are OpenEdge supplied template pages that support the HTTP form-authentication model.
Contains OpenEdge supplied HTML template pages for customizing HTTP error returns.
Note: This will override the Java containers default error pages and provide a consistent output for all Java containers.
This HTML page is an OpenEdge supplied HTML template landing page for successful log in and log out operations.
Contains the adapter application runtime properties runtime.props file and service .paar files.
Contains the class files used by the Data Object Services. This is where .class files are loaded from when the Data Object application is executing.
Also, contains the REST adapter log file.
Contains the runtime library files. The library files are copied from your OpenEdge installation directory $DLC/rest/lib.
The appSecurity-xxxxxx.xml files are OpenEdge supplied template security configurations for common authentication models.
This file is OpenEdge supplied template configuration file for spring MVC dynamic page generation.
This file contains the user-level access information.
This file is the Data Object application descriptor that contains the OpenEdge supplied objects for managing security, dynamic content, static content, and AppServer data services.