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AppServer support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Tasks : Publishing AppServer code to a remote server

Publishing AppServer code to a remote server

You can publish AppServer code to a remote server.
To publish to a remote server:
1. From the management console list frame for the remote machine (http://remote-machine-name:9090), select Resources > remote-container-name > OpenEdge > AppServer.
2. Select the AppServer broker you want to publish to.
3. In the detail pane, click Configuration.
4. From the Configuration page, click the Broker tab.
5. In the Advanced Features section of the page, verify that the Publish directory property is set to a valid location. If the property value says Not set, click Edit at the top of the page.
6. Type the full path to the publish directory in the property field.
7. Click Save.
8. On the local machine, create an OpenEdge Explorer connection for the remote server as follows:
a. Select Preferences > Progress OpenEdge > Server > OpenEdge Explorer.
b. Click Add. The Add OpenEdge Explorer Connection dialog opens.
c. Type the connection name.
d. Type the Host name or IP address.
e. Specify the port. (The default port is 9090.)
f. Type the user name. (The default user name is admin.)
g. Type the password. (The default password is admin.)
h. Provide the OpenEdge Explorer URL. (If you are using the default host name and port number, the URL is http://localhost:9090.)
i. Click Create Default Server and Finish. If there are no default servers available in the Servers view, a default server will be created and will appear in the Servers view.
9. From the Server Editor view, review the Publish directory setting to verify that the correct path is shown.