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Running and debugging ABL programs : Reference : Launch configuration settings : Configurations wizard : Progress OpenEdge AppServer and WebSpeed settings : PROPATH tab
The PROPATH tab in the Progress OpenEdge AppServer, Progress OpenEdge WebSpeed, Progress Application Server for OpenEdge, and ABLUnit sections of the Configurations wizard allows you to control where OpenEdge searches for files and procedures when the launch configuration runs.
The PROPATH tab functions like the PROPATH tab in the Project Properties dialog, with two additional command buttons (Add Project and Copy ini Settings) available:
Name (accessible from all tabs)
(Required) Specifies the name of the launch configuration, which appears on menus and in the left pane of the Configurations wizard.
Tree view
Shows the current PROPATH definition.
Add Project
Opens a browser that lets you select a project from which to import PROPATH settings. OpenEdge copies the PROPATH of the project you choose to the selected location in the launch configuration PROPATH.
Copy ini Settings
Opens a browser that lets you select an INI file from which to import PROPATH settings. OpenEdge replaces the entire existing PROPATH with the PROPATH defined in the selected initialization file.
Other command buttons
Function as described in the PROPATH help for the Project Properties dialog.
Saves the current launch configuration definition.
Discards unsaved changes to the current launch configuration definition.
Run or Debug
Starts or debugs the specified instance.
Closes the Configurations wizard.
Note: The only OpenEdge substitution variables that this tab supports are @WORK and @DLC. In addition, the Eclipse substitution variables (Window > Preferences > Run/Debug > String Substitution) are supported.