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Introducing OpenEdge REST : Reference : New REST Service dialog

New REST Service dialog

The New REST Service dialog allows you to create a REST service.
Access this dialog by clicking New > REST Service on the File menu.
The New REST Service dialog includes the following options:
Service name
Specify a name for the new REST service.
Service description
Specify a description for the REST service.
Service relative URI
Specify a relative path for all the resources to be defined in the REST service. For example, /Customer.
Note: The relative URL must start with "/".
Select a project where you want all the REST service artifacts to be generated. Click icon to select a different project from the Select Project dialog.
Note: By default, the project name you select when creating the REST service is displayed in the Project field.
OE Web Servers
Select the OE Web Server instances with which you want to associate the defined REST service.
Creates a REST service along with the REST artifacts under the selected OpenEdge project.
Note: The REST service appears under the Defined Services node in your OpenEdge project.