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Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Reference : New HTML file wizard

New HTML file wizard

To add a new static HTML file to your WebSpeed project, select File > New > Other > Web > HTML File from the main menu bar of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. The New HTML File wizard appears.
The first page of the wizard, Create a new HTML file, contains the following options:
Enter or select the parent folder
Type the path of the folder that will contain the new file, beginning with the name of the project folder. Or, select the folder from the tree view.
File name
Type a unique name for the SpeedScript file.
Expand to find and select an existing file from the file system.
The second and final page of the wizard, Select HTML Template, contains the following options:
Use HTML Template
Select if you want to choose one of the available HTML templates from the Template list.
When you choose a template, its HTML markup appears in the Preview pane.
HTML Templates
Select if you want to add, edit, or remove a template. Clicking the link takes you to the HTML editor Templates preference page where you can add, remove, edit, import or export templates.