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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Reference : New Business Logic Component wizard : New component name and location
New component name and location
The first page of the New Business Logic Component wizard lets you specify a name for the component, the component type, and a location within your project.
The following fields and commands are available:
The folder in which the resource is to reside; this must be the project root folder or one of its subfolders.
Component name
The file name of the diagram (.dgm) file
Select a Component Type
Radio buttons for specifying the type of Business Logic component to create (Temp table or ProDataSet).
To return to the wizard selection menu.
(Available only when XMI storage is in use and advanced wizard features are enabled) To proceed to select a model file for the component.
(Available only when advanced wizard features are disabled or when DB storage is in use) To create the specified component diagram and associate it with the default model file, appModel.t4bl, or with your component model database.
To close the wizard without creating a new component.