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Introducing the ABL Editor : Reference : Code-generation wizards : New ABL Interface wizard
New ABL Interface wizard
The New ABL Interface wizard helps you create an interface file.
This wizard appears when you select File > New > ABL Interface.
The following controls are available:
Package root
(Required) Specify a currently open project to contain the interface code and other project code. Click Browse if you want to select a project other than the current one (the default value).
(Optional) Specify a package name, corresponding to a sub-folder of the package root, to contain the interface file. Click Browse or enter the folder path by typing. A period (.) must separate each subfolder from its parent folder in the path name.
Interface name
(Required) Specify the name of the interface. The name must begin with a letter; spaces and most non-alphanumeric characters are not allowed. The .cls extension will be appended automatically.
(Optional) Specify one or more interfaces in the current project that the interface implements or inherits. Click Add and select the desired interfaces in the Interface Selection dialog. Use the Remove button to remove an interface from the list.
(Optional) Enter a description for the interface. This text will appear in the file header.
(Optional) Enter an explanation of the purpose of the interface. This text will appear in the file header.