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Introducing OpenEdge REST : Tasks : Developing ABL REST Web applications : Working with the REST Expose Editor : Modifying service relative URI
Modifying service relative URI
You can use the Edit Service Relative URI dialog on the REST Expose Editor to modify the relative URI of a defined REST service.
To edit the application relative path:
1. Open the REST service of which you want to modify the relative URI with the REST Expose Editor.
2. On the REST Expose Editor, click Edit beside the Service relative URI field.
The Edit Service Relative URI dialog appears.
3. In the Service relative URI field, enter a different relative URI for the REST service.
Note: This is the relative path for all the resources defined in the REST service. The relative URI must start with "/". For example, "/<service resource path>".
4. Click OK to save your changes.
The modified relative path appears in the Service relative URI field on the REST Expose Editor.