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Introducing Tools for Business Logic : Reference : New Business Logic Component wizard : Model file selection
Model file selection
If you use the XMI model storage option and you have not disabled advanced wizard features, you must specify a new or existing .t4bl file for each component that you create. You open this dialog by clicking Next after specifying the component name, type, and location.
The following field and commands are available:
T4BL model files
A list of available .t4bl files from which you select one to associate with the new component you are creating. This list is not populated until you complete a Create or Browse command.
If there are multiple .t4bl files listed on completion of this dialog, the first model in the list is the one to which the component will be added. Subsequent models in the list will also appear in the Outline view, allowing you to reuse their components in the new diagram that you are creating.
To display the Create File dialog, where you can specify a name and location for a new model file.
Browse Workspace
To display a Resource Selection dialog, where you can specify a folder in your workspace to search for all .t4bl files.
Browse File System
To display a standard file browser with a *.t4bl filter, enabling you to browse for and select a model anywhere in your file system.
To remove the .t4bl file selected in the T4BL model files field from the list (but not from the file system).
To return to the preceding page of the New Business Logic Component wizard.
To create the specified component diagram and associate it with the specified model file.
To close the wizard without creating a new component.