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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Writing ABL code : Working with preprocessor elements : Enabling preprocessor evaluation
Enabling preprocessor evaluation
You can enable or disable the preprocessor option. If the preprocessing is on, the ABL Editor status bar displays the status as Preprocessing on; otherwise, it displays the status as Preprocessing off. This option is available in all OpenEdge perspectives.
By default the preprocessor option is enabled meaning that preprocessors are evaluated. The inactive preprocessor regions in the code are displayed in gray in the ABL Editor.
Note: You can use the Preprocessor inactive option in the Editor Colors options to make the inactive preprocessor regions appear in a different color.
To enable the preprocessor, do one of the following:
*On the main toolbar, click . The evaluation is on for a file.
Note: To disable the preprocessor option, click on the main toolbar.
*From the main menu, select OpenEdge > Enable Preprocessing.
Note that when the preprocessor is enabled:
*Content assistance displays proposals for built-in or defined preprocessors. The value of a preprocessor at a selected offset is considered to evaluate the proposals.
*When you hover over a preprocessor reference, the value of the preprocessor appears in a pop-up dialog. See also Using hover help.
*Outline view displays the elements in inactive regions irrespective of preprocessing enabled or disabled. See also Viewing preprocessors in the Outline view.
*Quick Outline displays a list of preprocessors and their values. See also Listing preprocessors in Quick Outline.