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Code assistance
The ABL Editor offers several forms of assistance to facilitate writing ABL code. Assistance options are grouped into two categories: context assistance and code-completion assistance.
Context assistance includes the following options:
*Help as you type -When you type a keyword followed by a space, a pop-up window shows syntax that is valid to complete the line you are typing.
*Bracket-matching - A marker indicates the paired element, such as a bracket or a keyword that begins or ends a code block, corresponding to the element at the current cursor position.
*Hover help - When you stop the cursor over an ABL statement, a database field reference, or a system handle, a pop-up window shows relevant syntax help.
Code completion assistance reduces errors and saves typing by automatically entering text. It includes the following options:
*Syntax completion - When you press CTRL+SPACE, the ABL Editor shows a list of syntax elements that are valid for the context. You can select a proposal from the list to enter it automatically.
*Auto-bracketing - When you type the first of two paired elements, such as an opening parenthesis or bracket, the corresponding closing element is automatically entered.
*Preprocessor proposals - Displays proposals for built-in or defined preprocessors. The value of the preprocessors at the selected offset is used to evaluate the proposals.
You set your preferences for these assistance options at the Editor Preferences page.