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Introducing Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge customization : Tasks : Using the Customization Editor : Working with custom project types : Editing and removing custom project types
Editing and removing custom project types
Once you create custom project types using the Customization Editor, you can use the same tool to edit or remove them. To do so, follow these steps:
1. In the OpenEdge Editor perspective, open the Customization Editor by selecting OpenEdge > Tools > Customization Editor.
2. In the Available Extension Points tree view, expand the OpenEdge Custom Projects node by clicking the plus symbol (+), and select the entry you want to change.
3. Make the required changes in the Project Type Configuration section, or click Remove to delete the entry.
Note: To remove a custom project type, you must uninstall it from all its associated OpenEdge projects that are currently open in the workspace. Otherwise, an information dialog appears with the names of all the associated OpenEdge projects and prompts you to uninstall the associations. This dialog appears only for the projects open in the current workspace. If there are multiple workspaces using the same Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, you must ensure that the custom project type is removed from all projects in all the applicable workspaces.
4. Save your changes (Select File > Save or click ).
5. Restart Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge to make your changes take effect. When you open or import an OpenEdge project associated with a project type that has been removed or not yet configured in the current workspace, a warning message appears in the Project Facets project properties page.
To remove the project type association with the OpenEdge project, you must remove the custom project entry from the org.eclipse.wst.common.project.facet.core.xml file located in the .settings folder of the project.
Note: Removing this entry from the XML file does not remove the artifacts created by the project type. You must remove them manually.