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Data Object overview : Tasks : Working with Data Objects : Editing a Data Object Service
Editing a Data Object Service
The Edit Data Object Service wizard allows you to edit a Data Object Service you have defined.
To edit a Data Object Service:
1. From the Project Explorer view, expand the Defined Services node under your Data Object project.
2. Right-click a Data Object Service, and then select Edit on the context menu. The Edit Data Object Service dialog appears.
Note: You cannot modify the Service name and Project fields. These fields are disabled.
3. In the Service description field, enter a description for the Data Object Service. This is an optional field.
4. In the Service relative URI field, specify a resource Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). This is relative URI for all the resources defined in the Data Object Service. The relative path must start with "/". For example, /sampleURI.
5. Click Next. The second page of Edit Data Object Service wizard appears where you can select the Data Object resources (Data Object Service annotated ABL procedure and class files) for the defined service.
6. From the Resources list, modify your previous selection by adding or removing the resoures.
7. Click Select All to add all the available resources.
Note: Click Deselect All to clear the selection of the resources.
8. Click Finish to save your changes and close the wizard.