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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Compiling, testing, and running ABL programs : Generating ABLDoc documentation : Customizing ABLDoc output : Customizing tag parser
Customizing tag parser
ABLDoc understands the default comment convention (as discussed in the Adding comments section), if you want to change the format of the comments, you can add a custom tag parser to parse the comments.
1. Copy the abldoc-core.jar file from {DLC_HOME}\oeide\eclipse\plugins\com.progress.openedge.pdt.abldoc.core_11.5.0.00\lib into an Eclipse project or a folder.
2. Create a class that implements the ITagParser interface (available in the abldoc-core.jar file)
3. Override the getHandleTypes and populateTags methods.
Note: getHandleTypes method should return the type of object comments (like methods or procedures) that is to be parsed using this parser. All the supported types are available in the DocType enum. The populateTags method is called for all the objects that you want to handle (the types returned by the getHandleTypes); this method is called back with the IDocModel parameter. It has all the information about the program elements such as raw comment parameters.
4. Parse the comment and populate the tag objects (com.progress.openedge.pdt.abldoc.core.model.Tag) in the IDocModel.
You can use the populated tags in the templates or custom serializer.