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Introducing the ABL Editor : Tasks : Compiling, testing, and running ABL programs : Generating ABLDoc documentation : Adding comments
Adding comments
You can add comments to your source files so that the comments are published to the ABLDoc document. While adding comments, you can use HTML tags as follows to structure the comments in the generated output:
File : <h1><i>GenericDataExporter</i></h1>
Purpose :
Syntax :
Description :
Author(s) : abc
Created : <pre>Tue Nov 19 21:16:10 CET</pre>
Notes :
The comment can have a tag section. You can also add tags to comments to add metadata. These tags are applicable only to methods, functions, and internal procedures. Place the tags after the main description. You can add the following tags:
*@param: Adds a parameter with a specified name and description.
*@return: Adds a return section to the document with the description that you provide.
* Adding comments to the Overview page:
* Adding comments to a package
* Adding comments to a file
* Adding comments to elements