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Copying OpenEdge database columns
To copy a column and paste it into a table:
1. Select a table name (or the Columns node under a table name) in the DB Structure view.
2. Right-click, and choose Add Column from the context menu. If you are connected to an OpenEdge database, Add Column is also available on the OpenEdge Columns tab of the DB Details view.
3. Click Copy in the Add Columns dialog.
Note: You can select one or more columns and copy them to the table.
4. Select the column you want to copy in the Copy Column dialog, and then select OK. You can select one or more columns from the dialog.
Note: If the column name already exists, the system displays a warning and renames the column, appending an integer to form a unique column name.
5. Click Finish. The DB Structure view is refreshed with the newly added columns.