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Introducing Progress DB Navigator : Reference : Components of the DB Navigator perspective : Connection dialog
Connection dialog
The Connection dialog box appears when you:
*Select a connection profile in the Connections view.
*Choose Open connection from the context (right-click) menu, double-click a connection profile, or click Open connection .
Clicking OK in the Connection dialog creates a connection between DB Navigator and a database.
Note: The Open Connection dialog appears only when the Auto-Login on connect option is not selected.
The Connection dialog contains a read-only display of the values defined for the profile name, the driver, and the URL. It also contains the user ID and password, if they were specified in the connection profile. However, you can override the user ID and password in the User and Password fields.
In addition, the Connection dialog allows you to select one of these settings:
Any changes to the database are committed immediately. This mode is selected by default.
Commit On Close
Any changes to the database are committed when you either close the session or select Commit.
Note: If neither AutoCommit nor Commit On Close is selected, you must click Commit in the Connections view toolbar to commit any changes that you have executed from the SQL Editor. If you perform schema management operations using the SQL Editor with AutoCommit turned off, there will be pending SQL transactions. If the connection is closed or severed, the transaction is automatically rolled back. Therefore, you should always select Commit On Close if you deselect AutoCommit.The OpenEdge schema wizard automatically commits SQL transactions even if AutoCommit is not selected.