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Introducing WebSpeed support in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge : Concepts : CGI Wrapper files

CGI Wrapper files

A CGI Wrapper file is a .w file. The source for CGI Wrapper Web objects contains HTML markup that is “wrapped” by a SpeedScript {&OUT} preprocessor statement. The {&OUT} preprocessor combines with a sub-procedure called process-web-request to generate a valid HTML page. The generated page includes an HTML header that is produced by the CGI Wrapper.
There is no HTML source file associated with a CGI Wrapper Web object. Compilation of a .w source file produces a .r file that is executed by a WebSpeed agent. When executed, CGI Wrapper Web objects dynamically create HTML content that is returned to the client browser.
Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge includes a wizard for creating CGI Wrapper files (File > New > CGI Wrapper).