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Introducing the ABL GUI Designer : Tasks : Working with the code : Using the Outline view
Using the Outline view
You can use the Outline view to easily navigate to a specific place in the code or widget in the design window. This view shows a tree view of the widgets or structural code elements of your AppBuilder procedure (.w) file that is currently open.
Note: If the Outline view is not visible in the OpenEdge AppBuilder perspective, open it by selecting Window > Show View > Outline.
The Outline view displays elements depending on the currently open view of your procedure file, such as:
*When you work with source, this view lists all the structural elements of the procedure file such as Definitions, Main Block, Variables, Triggers, Procedures, Function Prototypes, and Function Implementations.
*When you work with UI designer, this view lists all the widgets present in the design window in a hierarchical tree structure. For example, Frame widget is shown as the parent node and all the widgets added to the Frame widget as its child nodes.
To navigate using the Outline view:
Do one of the following:
*Click on a node to take you to the corresponding location in the code or design window.
*Double-click a widget to open its Property Sheet dialog. See preferences page to set to open Property Sheet dialog when you double-click an object.