Local database path and server

Specifying a database file and server parameters is the second step in creating a new model component database. You open this dialog by clicking Next after entering a name for the database.

The following fields and commands are available:

Fields Create new database A flag to make the other fields writable. If creating a local database, click this checkbox; if using a remote database, leave the field unchecked.
Component model database path The complete path name for the database .db file.
Service/port for server (-S) The name or port to use for the database server.
Additional server parameters Any valid database startup parameters.
Automatically start/stop server An option to have the database server start automatically when you start Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge and stop when you quit.
Commands Back To return to the preceding page of the Create Component Model Database wizard.
Next To proceed to specify database connection parameters.
Finish To create the local database with default connection parameters and without associating projects.
Cancel To close the Create Component Model Database wizard without creating a database.