Creating a new OpenEdge project


Creating Your First OpenEdge Architect Workspace and Project

Note: The OpenEdge Release 10.2B demos have not been updated for OpenEdge Release 11.0. Since 10.2B, OpenEdge Architect has been renamed as Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. In addition, OpenEdge Release 11.0 includes some feature enhancements and other changes. Despite the differences between 10.2B and 11.0, the demos are still a useful introduction to Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.

To create an OpenEdge project:

  1. Select File > New > OpenEdge Project from the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge main menu bar or the Project Explorer view context (right-click) menu. The New OpenEdge Project wizard opens.
  2. Type a name in the Project name field. The root folder for the new project is created in your current Eclipse workspace, unless you specify a different location.
  3. To choose a different location for the project, click and clear the Use default check box. Then either browse to, or enter the path to the desired location.
  4. Select a project type from the Project type configuration drop-down menu.
  5. If you want to accept all the default configuration settings defined for the project, click Finish.
  6. To review or modify project properties after the project is created, right-click the project in the Project Explorer view and select Properties.
    Note: For large applications with multiple modules, it is usually best to create separate projects. You must have separate projects for modules that have a different PROPATH or that require different database connections.