NextForm property

(Windows only; GUI for .NET only)

The next .NET Progress.Windows.IForm or ABL window FormProxy (Progress.Windows.FormProxy) object in the list of all valid OpenEdge form objects created in the current ABL session.

Data type: Progress.Windows.IForm interface

Access: PUBLIC Read-only

Applies to: Progress.Windows.Form class, Progress.Windows.FormProxy class, Progress.Windows.IForm interface

The chain of forms begins with SESSION:FIRST-FORM and ends with SESSION:LAST-FORM. Once your position in the chain of OpenEdge forms is established, you can use the NextForm and PrevForm properties to walk the chain.

Note: If you instantiate a Progress.Windows.IForm in a non-GUI ABL session, the object does not appear in the chain of OpenEdge forms, but only in the list of valid class-based objects, which you can access using the FIRST-OBJECT attribute or the LAST-OBJECT attribute.

See also

FIRST-FORM attribute, LAST-FORM attribute, PrevForm property