The SmartObjects in the Palette allows you to create a SmartObject instance.

SmartObject instance is a copy of a SmartObject master running in memory. Many SmartObject instances can be created from a single SmartObject master file.

The SmartObjects section includes the following objects:

SmartObject type Description
SmartDataObject A SmartObject that holds a query and associated data update logic. It is supplied in two forms: a customizable template, and a pre-compiled dynamic object.
DataView Inserts a DataView instance or a DataView master.
Simple SmartObject A SmartObject that serves as a basis for new SmartObject types you might create.
SmartFolder A SmartObject that holds folders to support a tab-folder application.
SmartPanel A SmartObject that holds a related set of buttons, such as navigation buttons or update buttons.
SmartDataBrowser A SmartObject that connects to a SmartDataObject and holds a browse object to view database records and to update them through the SmartDataObject.
SmartDataViewer A SmartObject that holds a frame to preview and possibly update specific database fields. Database field values are obtained from a SmartDataObject or a SmartDataBrowser.
SmartDataField A SmartObject that displays a single data field in a SmartDataViewer. There are two types of static SmartDataFields: SmartSelect and Time Field.
SmartLOBField Inserts a SmartLOBField instance.
SmartFilter A SmartObject that displays data fields in a frame, filtered by user-specified selection criteria.
SmartToolBar A SmartObject that provides a toolbar and/or a menu interface to application commands.
SmartContainer A SmartObject that contains other SmartObjects (including possibly other SmartContainers). There are four types of SmartContainer: SmartWindows, SmartDialogs, SmartFrames, and Simple SmartContainers.
SmartBusinessObject A specialized container that can integrate up to 20 SmartDataObjects. It allows you to perform complex updates in a single server-side transaction.
SmartProducer A message-interface object that creates and sends messages using the SonicMQ system.
SmartConsumer A message-interface object that extracts incoming messages from the SonicMQ system and hands them off for processing.
SmartRouter A utility object that routes incoming messages to the appropriate SmartB2BObject for processing.
SmartB2BObject A specialized message-handling object. It creates or consumes formal, schema-based XML messages.
SmartSender A messaging object that creates messages, possibly by transforming data in some way that you define.
SmartReceiver A messaging object that consumes messages, possibly by transforming their content in some way that you define.
SmartTreeview A SmartObject that provides a tree view control interface to display information hierarchically.
Note: You are prompted to connect to a database, if the database connection is not configured with your current project. When you click OK, the Database Connections properties page appears.