Adding objects to the design window

Placing objects on the design window

There are several ways to place the objects from the Object Palette onto the design window:
  • Clicking – Select an object in the Palette and click once on the design window at the required position to place an instance of the object as it default size.
  • Double-clicking – Double-click an object on the Palette to add an instance of the object at its default size. The new object overlaps the last object that you operated on, if applicable, or appears at the top left corner of the design window. You will need to click Pointer icon in the Palette to be able to select other object in the Palette.
  • Drawing – Select a basic object or OCX control on the Palette, point to the desired position on the design window, and draw a rectangular outline of the size and shape you want the object to have. When you release the mouse button, an instance of the object appears, occupying the outlined area.
  • Copying/cutting and pasting – Click the pointer tool on the Palette to activate selection mode. Then select one or more objects on the design window, copy or cut them, and paste new instances onto the design window. The Copy (Ctrl+C), Cut (Ctrl+X), and Paste (Ctrl+V) commands are available on the Edit menu. This option only works with basic objects and OCX controls.

Placing controls inside a container control

In general, when you place an object on the design window, the object becomes a child object of the design window. Certain controls (for example, the Frame object), however, can contain other objects; in such cases, the Frame object is the parent of the child objects placed within it.
Note: Deleting the parent object deletes all its child objects placed within it.

Placing database objects

To place database objects on the design window, select DB Fields, Query, and/or Browse objects from the Widgets section in the Palette. You are prompted to connect to a database, if the database connection is not configured with your current project.

Placing pop-up menu or menu bar

Use the Popup Menu or Menu Bar dialog to create a pop-up menu or menu bar for a selected object. See Inserting Popup Menu or Menu Bar.

Placing OCX controls

Use the OCX icon from the OCX section in the Palette to add OCX controls to the design window. See Choose Control dialog.

Placing SmartObjects

Use the Open SmartObject dialog to insert SmartObject instances on the design window. See Inserting SmartObjects.