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Application Migration and Development Guide
Migrating AppServer and WebSpeed Applications : ABL application code migration : Migrating client connections to PAS for OpenEdge : Migrating WSA URLs to use the SOAP transport
Migrating WSA URLs to use the SOAP transport
The mechanisms for connecting SOAP Web service clients vary significantly with the client platform, but they all provide a way to specify a URL to the WSDL file and the Web service they are connecting to.
For example, an ABL client -WSDL connection parameter to the CONNECT( ) method might be the following for a classic OpenEdge Web Services Adapter (WSA) connection:
"-WSDL http://host:port/wsa/wsa1/wsdl?targetURI=urn:CustomerSvc"
The equivalent SOAP connection parameter for a PAS for OpenEdge connection might be the following:
"-WSDL http://host:port/soap/wsdl?targetURI=urn:CustomerSvc"
If the soap URI is soap, ROOT/soap, or simply /, it is connecting to the default ROOT OE ABL Web application. If soap is asbroker1WebAppl/soap, it is connecting to the OE ABL Web application with the name, asbroker1WebAppl, which is deployed in the WAR file, asbroker1WebAppl.war.
Note: This example uses the same WAR file name as in the previous example of a classic AIA URL migration (see Migrating AIA URLs to use the APSV transport), instead of using a file name that reflects the original name of the WSA instance, wsa1. This is to illustrate that all three Web connection transports can be supported in a single OE ABL Web application on PAS for OpenEdge as long as they can all ultimately access the same server ABL code base.
Note also that just as for a connection to the classic WSA, you specify the exact URL for a connection to an OpenEdge SOAP Web service when you deploy the Web service. This generates the deployment WSDL file containing the updated connection URL. It might also be possible to deploy the same WSM file to PAS for OpenEdge that you originally created from generating an existing SOAP Web service for the classic WSA using ProxyGen. For more information on OpenEdge SOAP Web service deployment to PAS for OpenEdge, see Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Administration Guide and OpenEdge Management: Progress Application Server for OpenEdge Configuration.
For more information on connecting to a SOAP Web service from an ABL client, see the sections on creating ABL clients to consume SOAP Web services in OpenEdge Development: Web Services.