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Application Migration and Development Guide
Migrating AppServer and WebSpeed Applications : ABL application code migration : Migrating client connections to PAS for OpenEdge : Migrating AIA URLs to use the APSV transport
Migrating AIA URLs to use the APSV transport
PAS for OpenEdge does not support the OpenEdge NameServer or the direct connection modes of the OpenEdge AppServer. All connections must use a URL that is similar to, but not exactly the same as, what was used for the classic AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA).
For example, an ABL client -URL connection parameter to the CONNECT( ) method might be the following for an AIA connection, which is also shown in a connection parameters string that includes the -sessionModel connection parameter:
"-URL http://host:port/aia/Aia?AppService=asbroker1 -sessionModel Session-free"
The equivalent APSV connection parameter for a PAS for OpenEdge connection might be the following:
"-URL http://host:port/apsv -sessionModel Session-free"
If the apsv URI is apsv, ROOT/apsv, or simply /, it is connecting to the default ROOT OE ABL Web application. If apsv is asbroker1WebAppl/apsv, it is connecting to the OE ABL Web application with the name, asbroker1WebAppl, which is deployed in the WAR file, asbroker1WebAppl.war.
Note also that the APSV connection application model is specified as session-free in exactly the same way as the AIA connection session model.
For more information on ABL client (as well as Open Client) connection to PAS for OpenEdge, see Connecting to a PAS for OpenEdge instance in this manual.