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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Programming ABL Client Applications : Connecting to a PAS for OpenEdge instance

Connecting to a PAS for OpenEdge instance

The connection mechanism for both session-managed and session-free connections is the same. For both application models you use the CONNECT( ) method on a server object handle to create the appropriate connection to an OE ABL Web application running on a particular PAS for OpenEdge instance using an HTTP or HTTPS-based URL.
To connect an ABL client to an OE ABL Web application:
1. Create a server object handle.
2. Execute the CONNECT( ) method on the server object handle, passing the parameters necessary to identify the URL to the Web application on a given PAS for OpenEdge instance, the application model to use, and additional information based on the URL scheme (HTTP or HTTPS) and the chosen application model.
* Creating a server object handle
* Establishing a connection with the CONNECT( ) method
* Connection examples