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Application Migration and Development Guide
Migrating AppServer and WebSpeed Applications : Migrating server configuration and management : Application packaging and installation : Distribution packaging
Distribution packaging
The classic AppServer does not have a defined directory structure or location where ABL application files should be deployed, or where its working/temporary files should be held. With this lack of structure, it is up to the ABL application developer to determine how to manage scalability and extensibility.
Because it is based on the Apache Tomcat server platform, PAS for OpenEdge follows the conventions common to the Tomcat environment for deploying ABL applications as Web applications. While an ABL application cannot be considered a fully scalable or extensible application when comparing it to a standard Tomcat Web application, it can be designed, packaged, and distributed so that it is scalable and extensible with a minimal amount of work. PAS for OpenEdge, through the use of the core PAS server's functionality, offers additional deployment packaging and deployment options to ABL application developers that does not exist for standard Tomcat and Web application developers.
The classic AppServer supports REST and SOAP services through external Adapters. This same support exists for PAS for OpenEdge, however services are deployed to different locations and there are different utilities for managing the deployment. PAS for OpenEdge incorporates the functionality of the classic AppServer's external Adapters into a single deployable Web application, which can be the same Web application in which the ABL application is deployed. The tools to deploy REST or SOAP services continue to include OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer, but new command-line tools (deploySOAP and deployREST) are used to correspond with the architectural changes in PAS for OpenEdge.
In addition, PAS for OpenEdge supports:
*Deploying individual SOAP service descriptors (.wsm files) into an existing OE ABL Web application.
*Deploying individual REST service definitions (.paar files) into an existing OE ABL Web application.
*Deploying an entire OE ABL Web application, including pre-deployed SOAP and REST Web services, into an existing PAS for OpenEdge instance.
*Deploying an entire PAS for OpenEdge instance, including pre-deployed OE ABL Web applications, into an existing OpenEdge installation.
Note: Unlike the classic AppServer, PAS for OpenEdge instances are not deleted when OpenEdge is uninstalled. Therefore, the instances and their complete deployment and configuration can simply be added to a fresh OpenEdge installation. For more see the TCMAN register command in the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge: Administration Guide.
* Incremental SOAP services
* Incremental REST services
* Basic Web application packaging
* PAS for OpenEdge instance packaging