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Application Migration and Development Guide
Application Development with PAS for OpenEdge : Programming ABL Client Applications : Connecting to a PAS for OpenEdge instance : Establishing a connection with the CONNECT( ) method : Connection parameters argument
Connection parameters argument
The connection-parameters argument specifies a comma-separated list of parameters necessary to establish the PAS for OpenEdge connection. These parameters include two types:
*A set of optional connection parameters to specify information about the connection, such as the application model
*A single required connection parameter (-URL) to specify the Web path to the PAS for OpenEdge instance and the OE ABL Web application to which you are connecting
The following table describes these connection parameters to connect to a PAS for OE instance, regardless of the application model.
Table 16. PAS for OpenEdge connection parameters
Connection parameter
(Optional) If specified, the connection does not reuse the SSL session ID when reconnecting over HTTPS to the same PAS for OpenEdge instance.
(Optional) If specified, turns off host verification for an HTTPS connection. Without this parameter specified, the client compares the host name specified in the connection with the Common Name specified in the server certificate, and raises an error if they do not match. With this parameter specified, the client never raises the error. For more information, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Core Business Services - Security and Auditing.
-pf filename
(Optional) Where file name specifies a text file containing any of the other PAS for OE connection parameters described in this table. If this file contains any other OpenEdge startup parameters, the method ignores them.
-sessionModel option
(Optional) Where option specifies the application model in which PAS for OpenEdge sessions must run for this ABL client connection, and can have one of the following values:
The value is not case-sensitive.
This parameter is required for session-free applications and is optional for session-managed applications. (The default value is Session-managed.)
-URL web-path
(Required) Where web-path specifies the URL to connect the ABL client to a PAS for OpenEdge instance. This URL uses the APSV transport to connect to PAS for OpenEdge. For more information on the syntax of this URL, see Connection URL syntax for the APSV transport.
Specifies the fully qualified name of the user to connect to a Web server that hosts PAS for OpenEdge or AIA web application.
Specifies the password for the user name.